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Life Coach - Kamo, Whangarei New Zealand

The first step towards getting somewhere and moving forward, is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are right now

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I endured emotional and physical abuse as a teenager, the emotional abuse continued long after that. As a direct result, I was made to feel like some kind of freak. I was so self-conscious and never felt good enough, in any way. I became an expert at walking on eggshells and often absorbed the blame for things that were not my fault. I was constantly worried, on high alert and became increasingly anxious and stressed which led to an eating disorder as I turned to food for comfort. In my early 20’s I sought help for this. I ended up being an outpatient in the Eating Disorder Clinic, under the Mental Health Unit, in a local hospital. I was referred to a Psychologist and Psychiatrist for quite some time. I was married by this time, with one son. Fortunately, I have a side to me that is optimistic, happy-go-lucky, and tolerant. Along with the therapy I received, I had the full support of my husband and a few others. This enabled me to start to see things differently and in a new light. Eventually, it all had a positive impact on me.

This is where my passion to help others was born, where it all began and what makes me relatable and compassionate. This was when I decided that I wanted to make the same type of difference to people to help them move forward. I am extremely sensitive toward the emotions of others which is most likely from growing up living in a turbulent environment with a parent who always seemed to be angry with me. Growing up, the message I was given was that my feelings, emotions, values, and beliefs were wrong and didn’t even begin to count. All of this translated to “I am not good enough, I don’t matter”.

Today, I know I matter. I’ve come a long way in realising that self-discovery and self-care are key to living an authentic life, and being happy. I found a way to flourish, as well as just function, by realising how important it was to look after my own basic needs, as well as those I loved.

We all have it within us to choose what to accept and what to let go. We are all capable of far more than we believe, especially when you have the support of someone who has walked the walk. If you are ready to talk the talk, please contact me



I met Julie when I was helping train new staff at a company she joined. She was a pleasure to deal with. Teaching can be difficult if your words fall on deaf ears - but that wasn’t the case with Julie, she was attentive and engaging and we ended up being fast friends. One lunch break, we sat together and I found myself opening up to her about personal things that I never spoke of, especially at work. In hindsight I cannot explain why on earth I’d tell all of this to someone I’d known for only a week, but if you meet Julie, you'll see immediately that she genuinely wants to listen and to help. As I spoke she told me things that I hadn't allowed myself to hear for several years, since the depression started. She read me like a book and said "It is my mission to make you see the strong and beautiful woman you are." We ended up working at the same office, after training and every time I sat and spoke with Julie, my spirit soared, she uplifts you as she engages with you, and you leave feeling like a better person for having chatted. Julie is a powerful woman, whose warmth and tenacity helped me to see myself in a positive way, initially at work, but then in regular life too, she is wise and articulate and I'm grateful for the gentle encouragement she gave me, to grow - Gwen, NZ

When my husband left me for another woman, I felt that my world had ended - with 3 children to look after, I could have easily caved in. Julie was there for me throughout those terrible dark days offering me comfort, boosting my self-esteem and helping me find a way forward, making me believe in myself again, which kept me going - Donna, UK

I have known Julie for about 5 years. She came to work for the same company as I worked for. Julie was like “camp mother” for the people around her. She was genuinely nice and always wanted to help when she saw others in need. She listens and guides others to make good decisions and holds herself accountable if they don’t. Julie has a big heart, is a people person with a high level of strength and determination. Thank you for our chats, they helped a lot. Keep helping others Julie, it’s your calling - Tanya, NZ

I have known Julie for about 20 years, and can honestly say she is the person who I would go straight to, if I was feeling stressed, unhappy or unloved. One particular time, she supported me through an emotionally abusive relationship. I felt trapped but Julie was always there to listen and help. It took a long time for me to leave this person and Julie was one of the first people I felt the need to tell, as she had been encouraging me for years to try a different path and make some changes, instead of staying on the path I was already on. I'll never forget our chat about making yourself happy instead of trying to find someone to make you happy! That has stuck with me to this day and I still follow that mantra now. I have now let people go from my life, those whos presence caused nothing but negativity and stress, and I feel so much better emotionally for it! Julie was a big part of my life when I discovered that you can exclude people from your life...and it's OK, nothing to feel guilty about! Julie will be an amazing life coach for anyone who feels drawn to her, and that is the easy part as she is so approachable with her friendly and open vibe with the biggest, kindest grin! She is a brilliant listener and has gained a wealth of experience throughout her own life to be able to help explore your life path and what could be the next best step for you! I live thousands of miles away from Julie now, I still miss our chats and I love letting her know how happy I am with my life now - Keilly, UK

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